pioneer Rheon is the leading manufacturer of Food Processing Machines.

Torahiko Hayashi, the founder of Rheon Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd, first developed encrusting machines to produce "manju", a traditional Japanese confection.
Rheon was established in 1963 and has continued to manufacture and improve ground-breaking equipment, leading the way for the Food Industry.

  • Producing a variety of food.

    Different types of food such as confection, bread, savory products and ethnic products are being produced every day using Rheon equipment.

  • Rheon equipment contributes to the development of the global food culture.

    Rheon equipment is being operated by more than 115 countries across the world. People are enjoying new food, along with traditional food from different countries produced by Rheon machinery.

  • Utilize Rheon equipment to maximize and perfect your production of confection, savory products or bread.

    Rheon Automatic Machinery helped modernize the food industry. The process of producing food can be completely automated resulting in hand-made quality.

Product Samples

Rheon equipment can produce an endless variety of food. Here are some samples.

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