Rheon develops, manufactures and sells Food Processing Machines world wide. We are the first in the world to develop “Encrusting Machines” and the “Automatic Croissant Production Machines”. Currently, Rheon Equipment is being used by more than 115 countries across the globe. With Rheon’s technology, various traditional foods from different countries are produced and being enjoyed.

Encrusting Machine

NEW Screw Flour Duster

Consistently Dusts Flour with Minimal Usage.

Mega Former

A High-Speed Encrusting Machine can produce up to 24,000/HR.


High-Performance Encrusting Machine


2-row Encrusting Machine

Multi Confectioner MX110,MX112

Compact & High performance multi-row encrusting machine for confectionery.

KN550 Concha Line

New Production System for High Quality Conchas!

Multi Head Encruster

4-row Encrusting Machine

Twist Top Chinese Steam Bun Former

Forms 24 folds with handmade quality!

Ultrasonic Slicer SK400

New device for High-Quality Cookie Production!

Heat Marker SH427

Uniform branding adds value to your product!

Heat Stamper NU102

Stamps and shapes products automatically.

Sesame Covering Device RU101

Covers products with a uniform layer of sesame seeds.

Rounder RR800

Automates the hand forming process of rounding dough balls, for efficient and hygienic production.

Shuttle Panner AP071, AP072

Receive products formed by the encrusting machine and pan them in uniform rows.

Compact Panner with Tray Feeder

Easy operation and maintenance. Reduce labor costs and increase productivity!

Forming Unit Conveyor UC303

This conveyor does secondary shaping with optional devices.

Stamping Machine NU101

To do a secondary shaping of products by stamping and shaping them automatically.

Punching Machine PR091

To get good oven-kick bread dough.


A High Performing, Compact Machine State-of-the-art Encrusting Machine

Dusting Flour Covering Device DU110

It bonds a uniform layer of dusting flour to the surfaces of the products.

Barrel Shaping Device

Products encrusted into spheres are shaped into barrel-shaped products.

Multi Co-Extruder

Multirow Encrusting Machine(6 to 14row)

Cookie Slicer GK408

Cut accurately and beautifully.

Petit Robo KN001

Versatile table top encrusting machine.

Turn Table CU100

Use this Turn Table to extend your product range.

Double Filling Feeder for WN055

Produces a double filled product in 2-lane simultaneously.


The optimal Machine for Stiff Elastic dough.


Produces high quality filled-breads.

Smart Stamper

New Stamping Machine with built-in Flour Covering Function.

Filled Ring Donut Forming Device for KN550

High quality Filled Ring Donut can be easily produced.

Double Solid Feeder for the KN550 and KN500

High quality production of Moon Cakes with two yolks!

Solid Feeder

With “Air Suction” device for KN550

Double Filling Feeder

Produce unique products using the Double Filling Feeder.


Encrusting Machine for prepared foods


Encrusting Machine for confectionery

Dough Sheet Equipment


Divides the dough accurately to produce the perfect rounded bread.

V4 Sheet Maker 2000

Feeds Stress Free Dough Sheet consistently

HM Line

Producing pastry, croissant and bread from dough sheet.

V4-Twin Divider

Double Lane Stress Free System. Ideal for production of smaller products.

MM Line System

A compact and fully automated production line for layered dough products.

V4-AD Line

Produces various high quality filled products from a continuous dough sheet.

EZ Table® (by Stress Free® System)

The best hand for Bread and Pastry.

Dough Ball Cup Rounder

Stress Free® System Divider-Rounder Line

High Speed Stretcher SM Series

A STRESS FREE(R) and high Performance Dough Extending Machine

Boule Rounder

1 lb boule can be produced automatically without damaging the dough.

Multi Stretcher SM701,702,703,704

STRESS FREE®! Stretch the dough without damage.

Compact AD

Compact, yet very versatile with a high output. The Champion of Filled Bread Production!

V4-S.F.D. with Cross Roller

Broadens and improves the efficiency of bread production.

V4-Loaf Bread Line

A wide variety of high quality loaf breads can be automatically produced.

V4 Universal Baguette Line

Baguette & Variety Bread Production Line


A Compact & High Performance Roll-In Sheet Maker

Forming Device for à l'Ancienne

Automated Baguette à l'Ancienne Production!!

NEW V4-Dough Feeder

Continuously feeds consistent dough sheet without sacrificing dough quality!

Flour Duster DF201,202,203,205

Dusts Flour in Accurate Amount and Width.

Side Winder + Tightening Device

Accurately winds dough with a variety of fillings.

Punch Rounder

Perfectly round dough pieces!

V4 Pastry Production Line

Puff Pastry and Croissant Production Line

Compact HM Lamination System

Simple and compact bread production system.

V4-Triple Divider

Weighing cut dough divider in one, two or three rows with no stress to the dough.

V4 Stress Free® S.R. Line

6row Cup Rounder with Proofer Line

Strewer RF011,012,013,014,015

Uniformly strews small cubed materials on the flowing dough sheet.

Universal Molding Conveyor

Capable of various types of automated forming.


It deposits the filling material onto the dough sheet or trays moving on the production line.

V4-Twin Divider800 VX212

With Double-Lane, Gravimetric® Cutting System maximizes its greatest power in variety products.

V4 Dough Feeder VX431 & VX432

Continuously feeds a consistent dough sheet without sacrificing dough quality.

V4-Artisan Bread Line

Automated production line of Artisan bread.

V4-S.F.D.(Stress Free® Divider)

Producing high quality bread

VM System

Producing variety bread

Desk-Top Model

Dual Gateaux Depositor

This equipment automates the process of hand-made products.

Other Equipment

RN Washer

Parts used for Encrusting Machines can be completely cleaned.

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